We ask you to trust your gut, but can you trust us?

Herb Pharm is a company of herbalists, scientists and other humans nestled in the fertile growing region of GMO-free Josephine County, Oregon. We have been cultivating and extracting herbs with precision, care and respect for nature since 1979.

Herb Pharm makes plant medicine in its most efficacious and minimally-processed forms, creating products that retain the herbs’ inherent health properties. We prefer liquid extracts for their ability to showcase the herbs’ natural flavors and aromas, and avoid masking or encapsulating which hides important characteristics from the bodies we seek to nourish. 


We grow over 70 herbs on our certified organic farms, where our connection to the plants begins with seeds started in our greenhouses. For herbs that don’t grow in our climate, we’ve developed an extensive network of personal relationships with farmers all over the world, some going back 30 years.

Our products are made in small batches in our FDA-inspected facility. We rigorously verify the identity, purity and potency of our herbs through traditional botanical methodology and state-of-the-art laboratory analysis, including DNA testing. We firmly believe there is no detail too small when making safe and effective herbal extracts.

So while you trust your gut, your gut can trust Herb Pharm.