The taste of bitter is frequently found in plants. For early humans living largely on plant-based diets, consuming bitters was always a part of eating. This had two advantages: keeping digestive systems fine-tuned and ensuring exposure to a wide array of therapeutic plant chemistries.

Unfortunately, the modern diet is notably lacking in plant diversity and bitter tastes, especially in the US where food variety skews toward sweet and salty. Bitter has become the “forgotten taste.” The signals to jump-start digestion are absent and as a result our digestive systems have become sluggish.

One of the best ways to reawaken our digestive systems and rekindle our evolutionary link to healing plants is to consume bitter herbs, and in particular liquid herb extracts. But foraging for bitter herbs, even if only in your grocer’s produce section, is rarely convenient.

So, what if you could get the digestive health benefits of a multitude of bitter herbs in a spray or dropper?