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Your gut and brain are networked within your nervous system and work in tandem to send and receive signals. Digestion is triggered when foods and liquids come in contact with receptors in our taste buds. 

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Taste is divided into 5 broad categories – salty, sweet, sour, umami and bitter – and each prompts slightly different bodily responses. When taste buds detect bitter it’s like a wake-up call for the digestive process.  



Immediately after your brain relays the bitter signal, your stomach and pancreas begin production of various gastric fluids including bile. Even before you swallow, your body has kick-started its engine.



Digestion is the body’s engine for utilizing food nutrients – the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals that fuel us. This one process is thus linked to every other function in our body. 



With enhanced digestive power comes better assimilation of nutrients and numerous secondary benefits including positive effects on blood sugar, cholesterol, mood, stress and skin and cardiovascular health.




The taste of bitter is frequently found in plants. For early humans living largely on plant-based diets, consuming bitters was always a part of eating. This had two advantages: keeping digestive systems fine-tuned and ensuring exposure to a wide array of therapeutic plant chemistries.

Unfortunately, the modern diet is notably lacking in plant diversity and bitter tastes, especially in the US where food variety skews toward sweet and salty. Bitter has become the “forgotten taste.” The signals to jump-start digestion are absent and as a result our digestive systems have become sluggish.

One of the best ways to reawaken our digestive systems and rekindle our evolutionary link to healing plants is to consume bitter herbs, and in particular liquid herb extracts. But foraging for bitter herbs, even if only in your grocer’s produce section, is rarely convenient.

So, what if you could get the digestive health benefits of a multitude of bitter herbs in a spray or dropper?




Better Bitters™ harness the inherent digestive energizing activity of bitter herbs and deliver them in a convenient form. These easily-absorbed, liquid formulas are minimally-processed to retain each herb’s inherent properties. Take a dose 10-15 minutes before your next meal and let the body’s natural bitter response do the rest.


Four fantastic flavors: Absinthium, Bittersweet, Classic & Orange
Easily-absorbed liquid herbal extract blends
Minimally-processed herbs in their most natural state
Expertly formulated from herbal traditions
Certified organic, non-GMO & gluten-free
Available in a 1 oz. travel size spray or a 2 oz. dropper
Excellent per-dose value




Features the invigorating digestive herb Artemisia absinthium, also known as Wormwood.

  • Organically grown, hand-harvested Artemisia absinthium from our own farms
  • Also contains Anise seed and fresh Lemon Balm extracts
  • Extracted and preserved with organic cane alcohol and vegetable glycerin

We add just enough certified Fair Choice Coconut blossom nectar for a delicate sweetness.

  • Our Coconut nectar is sustainably harvested and certified organic
  • Coconut nectar’s low-glycemic value is preferred to Agave and Maple syrup
  • Also contains Burdock and Gentian root extracts
  • Extracted and preserved with organic cane alcohol and vegetable glycerin

Features the clean, pure bitter taste of Gentian – cherished for its digestive strengthening prowess.

  • Gentian root is popular in traditional European bitters preparations
  • A very crisp and balanced formula for the bitters purist
  • Also contains Artichoke leaf and Burdock root extracts
  • Extracted and preserved with organic cane alcohol and vegetable glycerin

Punctuated with Orange Peel and Ginger extracts to give this formula a refreshing and lively flavor.

  • A flavor like it’s straight out of an orange grove
  • Also contains Angelica and Burdock root extracts
  • Extracted and preserved with organic cane alcohol and vegetable glycerin




We ask you to trust your gut, but can you trust us?

Herb Pharm is a company of herbalists, scientists and other humans nestled in the fertile growing region of GMO-free Josephine County, Oregon. We have been cultivating and extracting herbs with precision, care and respect for nature since 1979.

Herb Pharm makes plant medicine in its most efficacious and minimally-processed forms, creating products that retain the herbs’ inherent health properties. We prefer liquid extracts for their ability to showcase the herbs’ natural flavors and aromas, and avoid masking or encapsulating which hides important characteristics from the bodies we seek to nourish. 


We grow over 70 herbs on our certified organic farms, where our connection to the plants begins with seeds started in our greenhouses. For herbs that don’t grow in our climate, we’ve developed an extensive network of personal relationships with farmers all over the world, some going back 30 years.

Our products are made in small batches in our FDA-inspected facility. We rigorously verify the identity, purity and potency of our herbs through traditional botanical methodology and state-of-the-art laboratory analysis, including DNA testing. We firmly believe there is no detail too small when making safe and effective herbal extracts.

So while you trust your gut, your gut can trust Herb Pharm.